I wish I could tell you that I learned my skills and love of  woodworking from my Grandfather. Truth is I spent most of my professional life as an auto mechanic. Over the years I did woodworking as a necessity  as well as a hobby. I always dreamed of making furniture of my own. I developed my woodworking skills by reading everything I could and building many projects in wood. As my skills and equipment improved so did the quality of my work. About twelve years ago I was asked to build a custom cabinet to match existing cabinets. That job led to a referral for an entertainment center to compliment a sixteenth century French armoire. The next big project was a set of kitchen cabinets that had to match a wall of built in cabinets in a twenty’s Chicago bungalow.

After many years as a hobbyist and professional woodworker, I have truly fallen in love with the Arts and Crafts style. I have accumulated and studied many books on the various Arts and Crafts designers. I attended a class on furniture design. The pieces I have chosen to interpret hold true to the ideals of those early builders while having a lighter more modern appearance more consistent with today’s tastes.


Tim Pursell